Retroflect Light Grey - Tower of London Retroflect Green Applied to Felt Roofing Retroflect Grey Applied to Mastic Asphalt Retroflect Custom Colour - Woolwich Town Hall Retroflect White Applied to Polymer Modified AsphaltRetroflect Grey Applied to Single Ply Membrane
Retroflect - Solar Reflective Paint, Heat Reflective Paint

Are you ready to protect your roof, reduce energy costs, & protect the environment?
If the answer is yes then please read on to see the benefits of using Retroflect Solar Reflective Paint

Retroflect Solar Reflective Paint - Cost & Energy Benefits

Using Reftroflect solar reflective paint on roofs and south facing walls can have a dramatic effect on cutting energy costs and reducing CO₂ emissions - a major contributor to climate change.

The exact degree of solar reflectivity, measured across the entire solar spectrum on our three main colours are:-

  • Retroflect White - 85%
  • Retroflect Green - 75%
  • Retroflect Grey - 65%

Independent research on Retroflect's ability to reduce carbon dioxide emissions confirms it it can reduce the need for air conditioning and in so doing significantly cut the amount of CO₂ released into the atmosphere.

Field trials using Retroflect White on a pitched bituminous shingle roof in California demonstrated that the level of CO₂ emissions dropped by 0.54kg for every kWh of electricity saved.The roof temperature had lowered from 58°C to 27°C and the energy costs more than halved.In similar tests in the Caribbean on pitched metal deck and bituminous shingles, internal temperatures fell from 41°C to 29.5°C, so providing passive air conditioning at minimal cost.