Retroflect Light Grey - Tower of London Retroflect Green Applied to Felt Roofing Retroflect Grey Applied to Mastic Asphalt Retroflect Custom Colour - Woolwich Town Hall Retroflect White Applied to Polymer Modified AsphaltRetroflect Grey Applied to Single Ply Membrane
Retroflect - Solar Reflective Paint, Heat Reflective Paint

Are you ready to protect your roof, reduce energy costs, & protect the environment?
If the answer is yes then please read on to see the benefits of using Retroflect Solar Reflective Paint

Retroflect Solar Reflective Paint - Suggested Areas of Use

There are many scenarios across the globe where retroflect can be used to great benefit, a few examples of which we have listed below:-


  • Flat Roof Extensions.
  • Garden Sheds; Particularly those with fridges or freezers.
  • Garden Offices/Playrooms; Reduce costs of cooling in the summer months.
  • Any Flat Roof Apartment Blocks or Single Properties.


  • Reduced load on air conditioning resulting in reduced energy costs & more environmentally friendly CO₂ emissions with a 0.47 KWh reduction.
  • Carbon footprint reduction for superstores, warehouses, etc.


  • Reduced heat stress on livestock when applied to covered livestock areas
  • Reduced protein loss when applied to covered food storage areas
  • Chemical Storage
  • Fertilizer Storage

Hot Countries With Expensive Imported Energy Costs

  • Storage of medical equipment
  • School buildings
  • Clinics
  • Industrial Units
  • Food Storage