Retroflect Light Grey - Tower of London Retroflect Green Applied to Felt Roofing Retroflect Grey Applied to Mastic Asphalt Retroflect Custom Colour - Woolwich Town Hall Retroflect White Applied to Polymer Modified AsphaltRetroflect Grey Applied to Single Ply Membrane
Retroflect - Solar Reflective Paint, Heat Reflective Paint

Are you ready to protect your roof, reduce energy costs, & protect the environment?
If the answer is yes then please read on to see the benefits of using Retroflect Solar Reflective Paint

Retroflect Solar Reflective Paint - Product Application

Surface Preparation

All surfaces should be completely dry and clean before application, where lichen, moss or other growths have become established. Retrowash fungicidal solution, which offers a safe and effective method of removing and controlling growths, should be used in a diluted form of 200-1 with clean water. Apply to the entire area by either brush or spray ensuring the surface is thouroughly wetted and that the application takes place when no rain is expected within 24 hours. All dead growth should be removed after 24-48 hours, preferably by the use of a variable pressure water lance.


On sand finished asphalt and bituminous felts, Retroflect Solar Reflective Paint will achieve 6sq metres per kilo coat when applied in accordance with application instructions.

On weathered, mineralised, or cementitious surfaces coverage may be reduced.

On metal decking and sprayed bitumen surfaces coverage may be increased.

Product Application

Retroflect should be applied by conventional fluffly polyester rollers 23cms/9ins wide in conjunction with appropriate trays or scuttles.

Retroflect should be applied in a minimum of two coats with the second coat being applied at right angles to the first.

Retroflect may be applied by airless spray, please contact us for further information on this type of application.


All coatings should be regularly inspected for damage, particularly if other trades have visited the roof area.To maintain maximum protection, surfaces would benefit from occasional cleaning and where necessary the use of Retrowash fungicidal solution to remove any lichen, moss, or any other growths which may establish in areas of ponding and silt build up.