Retroflect Light Grey - Tower of London Retroflect Green Applied to Felt Roofing Retroflect Grey Applied to Mastic Asphalt Retroflect Custom Colour - Woolwich Town Hall Retroflect White Applied to Polymer Modified AsphaltRetroflect Grey Applied to Single Ply Membrane
Retroflect - Solar Reflective Paint, Heat Reflective Paint

Are you ready to protect your roof, reduce energy costs, & protect the environment?
If the answer is yes then please read on to see the benefits of using Retroflect Solar Reflective Paint

Retroflect Solar Reflective Paint - Over A Century Of Excellence

Since 1896 W.H.Screeton has specialised in developing paints and coatings to the highest specifications, combining superior properties with ease of application

We were the first company to introduce Titanium Dioxide as a white pigment for paint to replace White Lead; one of the first companies to produce chlorinated rubber paints and the first company to achieve a patent for purpose-made solar reflective roof coatings for flat and pitched bituminous based roofing.

In 2000, to ensure our product was manufactured to the highest standards of excellence & quality control we entered into a partnership with HMG Paints Limited; the UK's largest Independant paint manufacturer. HMG Paints Limited are an ISO 9001:2008 Accredited Company; for more details please click here

Our commitment to excellence in every respect of our operation is total, & the level of expertise & depth of experience upon which our customers can call is, we believe, unparalleled in the industry

Much has changed since William Henry Screeton founded the company, but our dedication to product quality, innovation, performance, reliability & customer service continues to remain the cornerstone of our business.