Retroflect Light Grey - Tower of London Retroflect Green Applied to Felt Roofing Retroflect Grey Applied to Mastic Asphalt Retroflect Custom Colour - Woolwich Town Hall Retroflect White Applied to Polymer Modified AsphaltRetroflect Grey Applied to Single Ply Membrane
Retroflect - Solar Reflective Paint, Heat Reflective Paint

Are you ready to protect your roof, reduce energy costs, & protect the environment?
If the answer is yes then please read on to see the benefits of using Retroflect Solar Reflective Paint

Retroflect Solar Reflective Paint, Heat Reflective Paint

Why Retroflect?

Retroflect solar reflective paint dramatically improves the efficiency and life of flat and pitched asphalt, bituminous membrane, asbestos and metal deck roofs.

Retroflect is a purpose made, unique solar reflective & heat reflective paint containing a titanium pigment base - one of the highest quality, inorganic reflective products currently available.

Unlike traditional methods, Retroflect Solar Reflective Paint uses only chemically stable pigments and so remains effective in even the most demanding climatic, environmental and industrial applications.

Whilst Retroflect is available in the three standard colours of White, Green, or Grey, other colours are available on request.

Retroflect solar reflective roof coating offers the following advantages for all roof surfaces

  • Significantly reduces absorption of solar energy
  • Combats infra red and ultra violet degradation of asphalt and bituminous membrane
  • Eliminates damage caused by secondary trades walking on the chipped surface
  • Repaired areas can be easily and economically re-coated
  • Durability of solar reflective quality for prolonged period
  • Simple to apply
  • Cost effective
  • Durability unaffected by ponding of rainwater

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